Frequently Asked Questions

We put together this list of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find your answer, you may also contact us.

When I receive the instrumental, will it have the looped protection?

No. The looped protection is only applied for demo purposes and remains on all free downloads.

Can you make me a custom instrumental?

Sorry, we do not offer custom instrumentals at this time.

Can I use any of these instrumentals for my YouTube video?

Yes, just make sure you purchase a Sync License from us.

I am making a movie and I need some soundtracks, can I use your instrumentals?

Absolutely, just purchase a Sync License from us.

Do you offer any editing or mastering services?

Sorry, we do not offer any editing or mastering services at this time.

How do I get a copy of the contract?

A PDF contract is automatically emailed with each instrumental that is purchased.

What does 5,000 sales units mean?

This applies to Non-Exclusive leases.  A sales unit represents each time your finished song is sold on sites such as iTunes, Amazon MP3, CDBaby, Google Play, etc

If I purchase a Non-Exclusive instrumental do I have to worry about how many downloads I get on sites like Datpiff?

No need to worry. All instrumentals from this site have unlimited non-profit use. If you sell the song like on iTunes, then the Non-Exclusive licensing terms will apply.

How often are new instrumentals added?

New instrumentals are added on a weekly basis.

What if others are leasing the same instrumental, can I still copyright my version of the song?

Yes, absolutely! Be sure to credit the producer of the instrumental.

Can I buy the rights to one of your instrumentals?

Yes, if you know the name of the instrumental, simply send us a message using the contact us page and make an offer.

What type of sound quality do these instrumentals have?

All instrumentals are WAV format, 44KHz sample rate with an Average Bitrate of 1,411kbps.

Do you offer track outs or WAV files?

Track Outs are available for in WAV format for all Exclusive instrumentals on a request basis. This does not apply to Non-Exclusive.

Are your instrumentals mastered?

No, these instrumentals are intentionally only mixed down with nothing applied to the master channel (no compression, limiters or amplification). This is PREFERRED by most mastering engineers, so when he/she works on your final mix, they can easily master everything at once.

Will the instrumental I receive still have a call out tag at the very beginning?

No, our instrumentals no longer have call out signature tags.

Do you offer refunds? What if I bought the wrong instrumental by mistake?

Sorry, no refunds are offered.

I purchased an instrumental, but did not receive it yet!

  1. Be sure to check your email Junk/Spam settings, certain email accounts might block the delivery.
  2. There may be payment delays with Paypal, this can happen depending on the type of payment you used. For example, if you used an eCheck via Paypal, this can take days to clear. Please be sure to check on the status of your payment via Paypal or your bank.

How long does it take to receive a instrumental that I purchased?

Once you make a payment, you will receive an email with a download link to your instrumental within 5 minutes.

What types of payment can I use?

The store checkout is designed to use Paypal, which allows you to also use Visa or Mastercard without having a Paypal account.

How do I purchase an instrumental from your site?

Click the title of the instrumental, choose a license and the click “Add To Cart”. Once you do this, you will notice that the cart will show a balance under “Cart Total”. After that, then it’s just like any other website purchase, you simply complete the transaction by paying.

What is the different between Non-Exclusive and Exclusive?

A Non-Exclusive lease has limitations, such as how many sales or radio plays, etc. With Exclusive rights, those limitations go away.

What file format will I receive in my email?

All instrumentals are in high quality WAV format.